Free ourselves from suffering in contact with Life in order to…

appreciate and enjoy
Existence freely.


The proposal consists of following the joint practice of Samatha meditation (we train the mind with perseverance and in this way, we develop mental calmness) and Vipassanā meditation (we train ourselves to apply mindfulness as much as possible, and wisdom, and in this way we develop insight), to solve everyday problems and thus progressively enable us to develop ourselves fully as Human Beings.
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Body work

As Human Beings, the body is our home, it is our residence. In this proposal for personal work, we develop the body work to:
-Keep us healthy.
-Identify and dissolve mechanical behaviours.
-Take root in order to deepen the meditative states and integrate the growth processes.
-Protect ourselves, and express ourselves from our essential part.
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Therapeutic work

We apply the therapeutic work in order to solve everyday problems, to loosen the impact of certain internal traumas and to facilitate access to the meditative states that heal us. To do this, we apply specific psychotherapeutic tools (work on personality according to the Enneagram, therapeutic techniques of Gestalt and Biogestalt and techniques taught by Dhiravamsa). This process is facilitated in groups so that it can be applied individually later.
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The integration of meditation, therapeutic work and body work

The main objective of the proposed work is to develop mindfulness in everyday life and in the meditative practice in order to solve everyday problems, to live better and to have access to the meditative states that help us to heal and to see reality as it is, and in order to lessen and free ourselves from suffering by keeping in touch with everyday life. The work on ourselves focuses on meditation, supported by therapeutic and body work. This proposal considers that, in order to develop ourselves fully as Human Beings, we need to practice both the Samatha meditation and the Vipassanā meditation, applying a working guide for both practices.


Javier Acerete Navarro

The personal work proposed here (through meditation, therapeutic work and body work), is the result of:

  • Significant psychotherapeutic work done on myself.
  • A profound practice of Samatha and Vipassanā
  • Applying these lessons in cooperation projects developed in very poor areas.
  • Everyday life.

Therapeutic field:

I started my therapeutic process with Gestalt therapy, when I was in the middle of my engineering studies in Madrid, where I was born. Before finishing my engineering studies, I began the three-year training course in Biogestalt therapy and Group Dynamics at the Biogestalt Institute of Tenerife (1999 – 2002) directed by Antonio Asín and María López Zubicaray. At that time, I started to practice Samatha and Vipassanā meditation with my master for twenty-three years, Vichitr Ratna Dhiravamsa, recently deceased. Between 1999 and 2021 I practiced meditation and attended the Dhiravamsa retreats regularly; while continuing the therapeutic work through workshops of Eneagram with Antonio Asín and Dhiravamsa, Gurdjieff Dances with Antonio Asín, Harmonic Movement with Graciela Figueroa and Luisa Nuez, and other therapeutic work (both in the form of workshops and in the form of individual and group therapy). I expanded my training in psychotherapy, attending the three-year course in Psychodrama and Group Psychotherapy (2006-2009) given by the Institute of Group Techniques and Psychodrama (ITGP) of Madrid directed by Pablo Población Knappe and Elisa López Barberá. I also followed therapeutic supervision sessions with Antonio Asín from the Biogestalt Institute (2004-2006) and with Elisa López from the ITGP (2006-2009). I recently completed the four-year Samatha and Vipassanā meditation training course (2016-2021) given by Dhiravamsa. I guided meditation and movement groups from 2009 to 2011, and started work on this proposal in 2018. This therapeutic process was accompanied by constant body work, through yoga, contemporary dance and other physical disciplines. 

Area of cooperation projects:

I work as an engineer mainly through cooperation and development aid projects in Africa, integrating the psychological aspects of their implementation; particularly in the development of group dynamics with local partners in order to solve problems and facilitate the development of both the people and the projects. I also apply the psychological aspects by conducting workshops with multidisciplinary participants, in which concrete solutions are sought to real problems in the technical and/or social fields.

Teaching work:

I also work as a teacher, teaching mathematics, physics, chemistry, thermodynamics and electromagnetism subjects, among others, to students in primary, secondary and university. This allows me to integrate:

  • The psycho-affective elements in relation to students.
  • The intellectual understanding that results from seeking to explain scientific subjects in the simplest and most practical way as possible.
  • The perception I experience through meditation of how life manifests itself. I became aware that meditation has helped me to understand the scientific aspects, achieving a broader view of reality.

These elements helped me to develop a broader view of how Existence manifest, in order to understand better to live better.

Meditation, therapeutic work and body work to solve everyday problems and to develop ourselves as Human Beings, carried out in contact with Life, appreciating and enjoying Existence in freedom.

The work on ourselves as described above is proposed in three different ways:

Online weekly meetings:

After the pandemic situation due to the COVID 19, we have introduced online meetings, currently with the following schedule:

  • Monday: from 16:30h to 18:30h (UTC+1h)
  • Thursday: from 19:00 to 21:00 (UTC+1h)

In these meetings we allocate time to:

  1. Solve everyday problems (physical, emotional and/or intellectual) through therapeutic and body work taking into account the Dharma teachings.
  2. Develop the Dharma teachings applied to everyday life.
  3. Meditative practice (with individual and/or group instructions) aimed at solving everyday problems or developing and deepening the teachings.

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Face-to-face workshops:

Face-to-face one day workshops, usually on Saturday or Sunday. The theme of each workshop will be stipulated and published on this website prior to the workshop. If is not possible to do the workshop in person, it will be done online.

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Face-to-face retreats:

Face-to-face retreats with a duration of at least a weekend, and which may vary depending on the dates. The theme of each retreat will be stipulated and published on this website prior to the retreat. If is not possible to do the retreat in person, it will be done online.

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