The body is our home, it is our residence

In the body work that we develop, we take into account the following aspects:

  • The body (composed of the physical body, the respiratory body and the energetic or subtle body) is an extraordinary organism, with the intelligence and wisdom necessary to stay healthy and heal itself from certain diseases, (despite its tendency to get sick), if we give it the elements that it needs: adequate food (food is our medicine), physical exercise, rest and the necessary internal work that allows us to dissolve certain psychological or spiritual contaminating elements. The proposed work takes this principle into account, focusing on resolving psychological or spiritual elements that damage our health.
  • On the other hand, the traumas of the past are crystallized in the body, in the muscle armour. If we consider the classification of the personality of the Enneagram, each personality subtype is associated with a specific body structure, which helps us to identify our personality. This is fundamental, because in order to change what keeps us repeating behaviour patterns, we first need to know ourselves well. In this work we focus our attention on observing how we function. Once we identify our personality, we can work on it in order to dissolve it enough to prevent it from dominating us. In this way we stop following and feeding the mechanical and neurotic patterns of functioning, to gradually behave more consciously.
  • In turn, as we delve into our inner world, both through therapeutic work and through meditation, we start to find certain elements and inner states that are difficult to manage if we are not well rooted in the body. Body work helps us in this sense and facilitates the integration of growth processes.
  • At the same time, body expression through free movement, dance and martial arts helps us, among other benefits to:
    • Release and dissolve the crystallized energy patterns in the body that make life more difficult.
    • Develop a body energy structure that integrates and cares for the changes achieved.
    • Express ourselves from our essential part, the main purpose of the proposed work.