Helping to dissolve conditioning

Sometimes we can see that the therapeutic work does not end up healing certain internal obstacles, specifically those related to the source of the functioning of the personality and mind. The Samatha meditation, through entering and remaining in certain meditative states (jhānic states) facilitates the healing of these inner obstacles, and helps us to solve the conditioning of the basic functioning of the mind that keeps us trapped in suffering. This leads us to experience a fuller and more joyful life.

This work focuses on reducing the negative effect of certain painful experiences of the past and on reducing sufficiently the basic energy patterns of our personality. This helps us to access the meditative states that heal us.

In turn, we can observe that the dissolution of the basic patterns of personality (those forms of perception and behaviour that we repeat unconsciously) requires specific work for each personality and this work must be developed with perseverance. In order to attend to these elements, useful psychotherapeutic tools are developed in the group with a clear working guide, so that the person can apply them later on his own.

In the therapeutic work, special dedication is given to the work on our dreams, as it is one of the main ways of communication with our essential part. Dreams help us to identify the concrete problems that we have in our daily lives and facilitate the path to the solution, symbolically expressed. In my experience, working with dreams gives us a guide to health, human development and well-being.