The joint path of Samatha and Vipassana (Samatha meditation and Vipassana meditation), discovered by Buddha, allows us to access the natural healing system that exists in Life. Entering the states of meditative absorption (jhānic states) we progressively heal the physical, emotional and intellectual problems, freeing ourselves from the conditioning and suffering and developing fully as Human Beings.

To access the states of meditative absorption, it is necessary to stabilize the mind, to quiet it, that is, to enter the state of samādhi voluntarily and to remain for the necessary time. For this we need to overcome at least the first of the obstacles of meditation: the sensual desire (the attraction of the mind for pleasure, nandi); and weaken enough the other four: ill will (byapada), sloth and torpor (thinamiddha), restlessness and worry (uddhaccakukkucca) and doubt or indecision (vicikicchati).

In this retreat we will apply steps that allow us to access and remain in the state of samādhi; we will describe and work on the five obstacles and address their relationship to the four noble truths:

  1. The existence of dukkha. Suffering exists.
  2. The emergence of dukkha. There is something that causes suffering.
  3. The cessation, the extinction of dukkha. We can free ourselves from suffering.
  4. The noble path to cessation, the extinction of dukkha. There is a path, a way (there is an antidote) to free ourselves from suffering.

To attend the retreat, it is not necessary to have previously practiced. In the retreat will be given the necessary instructions adapted to the attendees.


Date: from 2 to 8 December 2022


  • Friday 2: from 19h to 23h
  • Saturday 3 – Wednesday 7: from 7h to 23h
  • Thrusday: from 7h to 16h after lunch.

The retirement includes full board and practice of complementary body work to meditative work.


Retreat House “Scala Coeli” Dominicas, Teror, Gran Canaria


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