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Everything created (our body, a house, a thought, an emotion, a state of mind, the planet Earth…) has three characteristics:

  1. Anicca. It’s impermanent.
  2. Dukkha. It does not last forever, it has the ability to break.
  3. Anattā. In none of the created elements is there a permanent Being.

Just as it is important that we know, for example, the characteristics of the physical space in which we are (the solid characteristics of the soil and other solid objects, liquid water, gaseous air…) to be able to move safely and efficiently, It is important that we know the characteristics of everything created. In this way we can understand how created things manifest in Life and avoid unnecessary suffering.

There are several examples:

  • Our properties (a house, a car, a cloth …). All this is impermanent, that is, at some point it will disappear, it will become extinct. If we really understand and accept that this is so, when, due to some unexpected and ungrateful event, we lose some of these properties, we can more easily accept the loss and process it faster. Which will significantly reduce our degree of suffering.
  • Our body. It is healthy to take care of our body as best as possible. Even so, at some point, a part of our body is damaged, sick (broken). If we accept this, we will have a greater capacity to tolerate the pain of the disease and to act more usefully to overcome the disease as soon as possible. And we will have more capacity to deal with it better as long as it remains. In turn, understanding the absence of a permanent being in the body will significantly relieve the fear that might arise at the time of our death.
  • An inner state of suffering. Any negative state, which generates suffering, will end at some point; we can break it (if we work on it), and in the state itself there is no permanent being.

In order to reduce our suffering, the following main objectives are set in this workshop:

  1. Understand the three characteristics that fulfil everything created.
  2. See these characteristics in specific problems and situations that we have today.
  3. Apply the SamathaVipassanā meditation, the therapeutic work and body work proposed here to manage more healthily these problems and situations taking into account the characteristics of existence.


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